Zone Central Systems

Zone Central Systems

Having a steady temperature within your house ensures a comfortable and safe environment. The fluctuating temperature may impact the health of your family members. As a result, most of the people in the US prefer zone central systems. With the right and efficient zone central system, you can customize the room temperature based on your requirements and comfort. There are multiple thermostats that help you in maintaining the temperature.

How does the central zone system work?

The functioning of an HVAC zoning system is controlled by multiple thermostats which is connected to a central zone control panel. This panel opens or closes the ductwork depending on which areas need to be conditioned.

With the help of the central zonal system, you can maintain the temperature hot or cold as per your requirement. All you need to do is to adjust the temperature in your zone. The control panel receives the signal from the thermostat and processes it, thus, helping in maintaining the temperature. Once the temperature of the zone is reached, the control panel will shut down the heat or cold air to your zone.

All-in-all, it helps in attaining a comfortable temperature in your room or zone.

Why Choose Russell Heating and Air?

If you already have the ducted system installed in your house, then you need not worry, you can easily retrofit the zone control systems into the current system using a series of dampers.

Russell Heating and Air is one of the well-known names when it comes to HVAC system installation; whether you need to install the zone central system or you\’re are willing to convert the conventional duct system to zone central system, we will help you do so.

Our team of professional and qualified technicians will help you find the right type of zone system for your needs. Our experts first assess the current system of your house and based on the requirement, we will guide you with the right zone settings. So, for any such requirement, you can connect with us today.