Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats


With the advancement of technology, new products are launched to provide smart assistance with minimum inputs. One such device is a smart thermostat. It helps in controlling the temperature of the house by taking inputs from us from anywhere and everywhere.

What is a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a device that is used for controlling the heating and air conditioning in a home. It allows you to control the temperature of your home as per a schedule set by you. It has a number of additional sensors that keep a track of the conditions and make changes accordingly. The most important thing about a smart thermostat is that it has WiFi connectivity. You can connect the device with WiFi and control it from anywhere.

A smart thermostat can detect whether there are any occupants at home or not. If there are no occupants, it can put the air conditioning device on standby and save electricity. You can also control it through your smartphone thus giving you more power to manage your devices and save electricity bills.

How does a smart thermostat work?

Smart thermostats are equipped with infrared sensors that detect whether you are at home or not. Infrared signals detect regular activity in the house by tracking motion. In case there are no occupants at home, a smart thermostat puts air conditioning on stand-by.

Many learning smart thermostats track daily activities to learn the schedule of occupants and set the temperature of the house accordingly. Many smart thermostats have also started using geofencing technology to detect whether the person is home or not.

Smart Thermostat Installation

Russell Heating and Air specializes in all kinds of smart thermostat installation. Just dial our number and drop a message. We will get back to you for your smart thermostat installation.