Fresh and breathable air one of the most important requirements for a home. If the same air recirculates inside your home every time, it can make you sick. Thus, a device is used that can provide you fresh and pleasant air, both during summers and winters, without interrupting the silence of your house. This device is called an air handler or an Air Handling Unit (AHU).

What is an Air Handler?

An air handler is basically an indoor device with a blower or fan, heating and cooling units to manage the temperature of your home, a filter to clean the air, sound attenuators to reduce any noise and dampers to mitigate the vibrations. It is in the form of a large metal box that connects AC ducts for air supply.

Air Handler Installation in Canton GA

These are one of the most important units of an HVAC system and if you are looking for the installation of the same, then you must connect with us today. Our team of technicians will visit your place, recommend the size of an air handler based on the requirements and complete the installation process.

Air Handler Maintenance Service

Issues can occur quite frequently in heating or cooling systems. Air filters might need proper cleaning otherwise dust, dirt and pollutants will mix with the outlet air and pollute the inside environment. Proper maintenance helps in keeping the unit clean and in good condition.

You can try to clean it once every couple of months but it can be a very tough task. If you do not have the know-how of the units, you can end up damaging the system. Thus, you should contact us for all air handler maintenance requirements.

Air Handler Repair

Air handlers are mechanical devices and can get damaged or encounter failure. You can contact us immediately and experienced technicians at Russell Heating and Air would help you repair the air handler as early as possible.

So, connect with us today for all your requirements related to an air handler.