How to Cut Energy Costs During the Summer

By Published On: March 31, 2019

Summer is almost here, which means the hot and humid days are among us! There are many ways to combat the summer heat. The main way is by cooling your homes with the A/C unit. However, this can become pricey if you are not careful. Here are a few ways you can attempt to cut energy costs this summer.

Use Fans Instead of A/C

There are two different fans you can use. The first is the typical ceiling fan. By using the ceiling fan rather than your A/C, you can save up to 40% on energy costs. This may not completely cool you home, but this will at least move the air around your home and create a slight breeze. The second fan option is a floor fan or box fan. Using a fan uses around 1/60th the energy of your A/C.

Open Windows

This is a very simple idea. You can circulate a breeze by opening multiple windows throughout the home. This combined with the running fans can create a decent breeze and cool your home pretty easily. Mornings and evenings will be the best times to open windows as these are the coolest times of the day.

Turn Off The A/C When Not Using It

When you are not home, turn your A/C unit off! There is really no reason to run you A/C if no one is home. There are also thermostats that have a home/away feature, which knows when you are not home and will automatically adjust your thermostat. You can also combine this with the suggestion above. At night turn your A/C off and open your windows to allow the cooler air in.

Blinds and Shades

Blinds and shades will act as a barrier to keep the hot sun rays from entering your home. If you run your A/C throughout the day, blinds and shades will help keep heat out and the cool air in your home longer. This will help keep your A/C unit from running nonstop. Rooms with the most sun should have blinds that can shut when the sun is directly hitting a certain side of your home. Windows shaded by trees outside of your home may not require shads.

Roof Color

This isn’t something often thought about. However, the lighter color your roof is, the less heat it will attract. It’s like wearing a black shirt in the summer, it’s hot because it draws the heat in. Your roof does the same thing. This will cause your home to warm up which makes your A/C run harder. So, next time you need to put a new roof on your home, remember to use light shingles. One way you can combat dark roof shingles without putting an expensive new roof on your home is to ensure you have good insulation in your attic.

There are several ways to cut energy costs this summer. These are just a few ideas you can do to cut your energy costs. One additional way you can help possibly cut costs would be to use our A/C tune-up special. We will come out and ensure your unit is running properly and efficiently. Call us today to get your tune-up scheduled.

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Written by : Mitchell Cobb
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