AC Condenser Problems

5 Things that Can Cause Severe AC Condenser Problems?

By Published On: October 16, 2020

Air conditioning systems generally consist of two separate units: an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The indoor unit consists of a heat exchange coil, fan, the remote signal receiver, and a filter. The function of the indoor unit is to circulate the conditioned air inside the home.

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An AC condenser, or compressor, is usually contained in the outside unit.  It is housed with the cooling fins, a blower fan, motor, evaporator coils, and capacitors to provide power to the components. The condenser’s critical function is to circulate the refrigerant, resulting in a heat exchange through the coils. It compresses the refrigerant in a gas form, raising its temperature and converting it into a high-pressure gas. That pressure pushes the refrigerant through to the coil, where it turns into a liquid state and releases the heat. The refrigerant evaporates back into a gas as it travels to the indoor unit, ready to absorb more heat and return to the outdoor condenser.

If you suspect ac condenser problems, it may cause severe damage and reduce the system’s ability to provide cool air. If homeowners neglect regular maintenance or don\’t act on ac condenser problems promptly, the symptoms of a failing condenser grow worse and may lead to a total system failure.

Is your condenser working properly? Check these items.

A failing air conditioner condenser will give you some clues that there is a problem. If you see any of these signs, it warrants further investigation by an HVAC professional who can help you avoid a complete AC failure.

To do a self-check, first turn off the AC and verify the outdoor unit has correct electrical connections. Ensure all the control settings are properly connected and adjusted. Then check the AC filters, blower fan, and ducts for any collection of airborne particles.

Turn on your air conditioner and listen. If you hear a chattering or ticking noise, this is a sign that an electrical relay switch that runs the compressor could be wearing out. If you hear any rattling or rumbling sounds, it could mean that the compressor motor mounts are failing. This causes the motor within the compressor to become loose and vibrate. It is complex to deal with unstable motors if you don’t have proper training, so call for knowledgeable help if you suspect this is happening in your system.

Finally, do a visual inspection of your unit. If you find any moisture around the unit, it could mean the refrigerant is leaking, creating health risks and compromising the functionality of your AC. This issue should be handled promptly by a licensed HVAC repair tech. Our HVAC experts in Canton, GA are here and ready to help.

Why might an AC condenser Problems?

If your air conditioner cannot cool your home to the programmed temperature, it means that the compressor cannot maintain the correct pressure. Here are five common reasons why this may happen.

Abnormal discharge pressures.

If the air conditioner develops abnormal discharge pressures or fails to maintain the required pressure, it may lead to AC failure. Find the proper pressure by looking in the user’s manual for the pressure gauge unit. If the compressor’s pressure does not maintain the level stated in the manual, it may lead to a condenser failure.

Debris accumulation on the condenser.

Usually, the AC condenser is located outside the home and is prone to debris accumulation such as dust, leaves, gravel, dirt, and sticks. Homeowners should always pay attention to the area surrounding the condenser to ensure it is clean and uncluttered. Any external object present inside the condenser can cause severe damage to the components.  Motors, fan blades, fan belts, and capacitors compromised by foreign objects may cause a failure.

Refrigerant leaking within the AC condenser.

The condenser is linked to the indoor unit through a line that allows the refrigerant to circulate. If the coolant begins to leak through cracks or holes, the compressor will have difficulty pumping the refrigerant through the lines effectively. An HVAC professional should be contacted immediately for service. Adding too much or the wrong type of refrigerant may destroy the compressor, and refrigerant sales to non-licensed individuals are restricted. Therefore, it should always be handled by licensed professionals.

Electrical system failure.

Malfunctioning electrical components within an AC compressor can cause it to stop working. The condenser powers the motor, fan, and compressor using electricity. If the AC makes a hissing or clicking noise after it turns on, the electrical relay switch may have worn out. Having the switch replaced will get your air conditioner back in action.

Dirty coils and clogged suction lines.

When dust, debris, and other pollutants accumulate on the condenser coil, the condenser cannot adequately discharge heat. This forces the compressor to run continuously to cool the home. When the air conditioner’s refrigerant suction lines get clogged, it is essential to have an HVAC expert correct the issue. If the problem is not handled, the compressor’s increasing pressure and temperature levels will cause overheating, and the AC compressor may fail.

Our licensed HVAC professionals in Canton, GA are highly experienced and can resolve any of these issues, getting you back to a cool, comfortable home.

Solutions for AC Condenser Problems

There are some solutions that you can keep up with on your own. Clear debris or dust accumulation around the AC condenser regularly and make sure any external objects have not found their way inside the unit. Examine ducts, suction lines, and other components for the development of cracks or holes.  Remove dirt and foreign matter on the air filter and condenser coils. Remember to clean the condenser coils and air filters every month for optimum cooling and the best air quality in your home.

Regular HVAC maintenance helps maximize the unit’s performance, energy efficiency, and lifespan. If it’s been a while since your system had a routine service check or if you’re already experiencing AC Condenser Problems, don’t wait until it fails altogether. If you need HVAC work in the Canton, GA or surrounding areas, call us today for a service appointment. We will keep your AC running at its best this summer.

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Written by : Mitchell Cobb