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Woofstock: A Puppy Palace

Woodstock is a great place for people but what about the pets? Well Woodstock provides for pups too! Woofstock Park is a dog park that caters to your dog’s need to run around.

The park has a large breed off leash area for bigger dogs and a off leash area for small breeds as well. This makes for a comfortable experience for your pets to run around. Organizing the big dogs with other big dogs and small dogs with other small dogs makes it anxiety free for pets to play.

If it gets too hot and sunny, shade structures are in the dog park to relax for dogs to take a break from running around. Water fountains are also provided to hydrate, especially if visitors stay for a good chunk of the afternoon. For the owners, the restrooms are conveniently nearby just a couple steps away from the parking lot.

Noonday Creek Trail is connected to Woofstock for pets and their owners to go a stroll for some good exercise. The trail ends on highway 92 which has an abundant amount of food options for owners at the end of the trail. Another trail opportunity connected to Woofstock is Town Lake Pass Trail which is another great trail that ends at Woodstock High School.

What is also great about the park is that it is just a 15-minute walk away from downtown. Bringing the family to Woofstock, then making a stop downtown can make the day even more exciting. Even though Woofstock is small, it has so many different connections that lead to different adventures and new experiences. A journey that starts with your pet running around the dog park can lead to a day of trail walking, and great food!

Woofstock Park is so unique because it has something to offer pets and their owners. There are not many dog parks that lead to so many different places. Woodstock always pushes the boundaries with experiences and giving you different combinations to fill out your day to the max. Bring your dog and bring your family to Woofstock for a special doggy adventure.

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