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Woodstock Arts Theater: The Show Must Go On

Everyone loves a classic play production, everyone loves a musical, the city of Woodstock thinks so too. Woodstock Arts Theater located at 8534 Main Street, Woodstock, Georgia 30188 is the place to go for thespians and families looking for a show!

The theater puts on a variety of plays that range from musicals to more serious works. Yearly, holiday productions are put on by the playhouse, so Woodstock Arts Theatre makes for an amazing tradition for families. The productions do change though, all the time. This allows for the theater to offer many different play experiences for locals and tourists. Ticket prices really vary all depending on the show being put on, but they all sit around $18-20 dollars online, and $20-23 dollars at the door on the day of the show.

Woodstock Arts has gotten the attention of some talented actors and directors. Many of the productions have professional people working on set, and performers range from semi-professional to professional. No one wants a parody, and the hardworking people who run the playhouse know that. Bringing out the emotions of the audience is the top priority, and this is accomplished by finding the best people for the jobs required.

The Woodstock Arts Even Green is another ticket holder option to choose from. It is essentially a production that is put on outside with the exterior stage. The exterior stage sets the mood for different productions that function better outside. The green is in the heart of downtown Woodstock, Georgia with some seriously pretty views.

Not only can you watch the shows, but you can get involved in a production or a class. Acting classes and improv classes are taught for people who want to learn the craft. For those wanting to hone their craft, they can audition for a multitude of the productions. Not only can you get involved with a production or a class, but certain age groups can take part in camps during the summertime.

Woodstock Arts Theater is a great addition to the city, and only benefits the reputation Woodstock, Georgia has. This playhouse is a sure stop for tourists and locals strolling through the downtown area. This is sure to make for a memorable day or night!


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