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Step Back in Time at Gone With the Wind Museum

As you make your way up the road to your destination, you will be transported back in time to this place. There, surrounded by towering magnolias and verdant gardens, sits the ancient Brumby Hall, which was once the center of a cotton plantation. Today, it is home to the Gone With the Wind Museum, which is dedicated to preserving the legacy of this classic American novel, which is located near Canton.

The 1851-built historic residence houses the Marietta Gone with the Wind Museum, which contains the private collection of Dr. Christopher Sullivan. Since 2003, when it opened in the historic Old Thomas Warehouse Building on the Marietta Square, the museum has been a Marietta institution. With an extensive collection of book and film-related memorabilia, you do not need to be a die-hard fan of Gone with the Wind to appreciate the rich history of one of the world’s most popular novels and films.

The novel has never been out of print since 1936, and the film is the highest-grossing film of all time when adjusted for inflation and ticket prices. As you walk through the museum, you will get a sense of how this classic story has captivated audiences for generations. Whether you are a longtime fan or are just discovering Gone with the Wind for the first time, a visit to the Marietta Gone with the Wind Museum is sure to be an enlightening experience.

The museum’s African American display is a must-see for any fan of Gone with the Wind. The display is dedicated to the African American cast members, including Hattie McDaniel, who won an Oscar for her role as Mammy. It features personal volumes of the novel that belonged to Margaret Mitchell, foreign editions of the book, and the original Bengaline honeymoon gown that Vivien Leigh wore in her role as Scarlett O’Hara.

In addition, there are some very rare press and promotional publications, the cast members’ original screenplays, and cast member contracts, in addition to some creative artwork. The display is a fascinating look at the history of the film and its impact on popular culture. When you’re in the mood to step back in time and learn about one of the most popular novels and films of all time, be sure to visit the Gone With the Wind Museum in Marietta, Georgia. With its many artifacts and exhibits, the museum is a great place to consider the legacy of this classic story.

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