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Condensing Unit

Heating and cooling system have become very popular in US households. When we talk about the main component of HVACs, the functionality of these systems depends on the condensing unit. The overall efficiency and functioning of a heating or cooling system depend on how efficiently the condensing unit in it is working. If there is a malfunction, you would need an expert hand to handle the installation, maintenance, and repair of these units.

Russell Heating and Air has been in this business and has an experienced bunch of trained technicians who can provide you the assistance at your place.

What is a condensing unit?

To explain in simple words, condensing units are temperature control devices present in heat pumps, ACs, refrigerators, or HVACs. Their primary function is to transfer energy in the form of heat. To do this, a refrigerant is compressed and pumped through coils. These coils are used to either heat or cool the air coming in its contact.

Condensing Unit Installation in Canton GA

In case you wish to replace and install a new condensing unit and are looking for the right assistance, you must connect with us today and we will take care of your requirements.

Condensing Unit Maintenance Service

It is very important for the condensing unit to work properly. Maintenance before the start of the season can be a very good option as it helps in reducing the risk of abrupt failure, leakage or damage during the peak season.

It is recommended that you get your conditioning unit serviced and prevent damages and repair costs that can be caused due to sudden failure.

Condensing Unit Repair

Over a period of time, the condensing unit may encounter problems, or some parts of it may get damaged, leakage of refrigerants, etc. In such a case, it becomes important that you must go for its repair. However, when you are choosing an expert technician, they must be certified and experienced. We assure you to provide the best repair and upkeep services of the condensing unit.

For all condensing unit services, feel free to call us today!




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