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Old Rope Mill Park: A Hiking Adventure Awaits

Located at 690 Old Rope Mill Park Rd is an amazing tourist and local destination, Old Rope Mill. For walkers, hikers, and bikers, this is must. The park is a gem located just near the heart of Woodstock Georgia.

The park is open from 7:00 am-11:00pm to make for ample time to arrive, early or later in the day. Parking availability is extremely convenient as well. At the top of the hill farther away from the park there is free parking with plenty of spaces. More towards the park is a couple extra spaces for if the spots at the entrance fill up. If you are a kayaker than you have certain special spots reserved right in front nearest the river to make for easy loading and unloading. Old Rope Mill Park’s lot makes it a quick and easy experience in regard to finding parking.

What all can you delve into at the park? While the park advertises for hiking, biking, and walking trails, there are also water activities to consider when visiting. Kayaking, canoeing, and swimming are all acceptable and welcomed at the park. The river that goes all through it connects to the giant and beautiful Lake Allatoona. Many visitors start their water sport adventure under the Old Rope Mill Bridge and follow the river’s current all the way to the lake. For anyone who wants to take part in more water related activities, this should be added to the itinerary. If a classic hike is your thing, there are awesome trails for that, which are scenic as well. Biking trails are also offered, and there are some intense ones for daredevils. The park also has a sidewalk trail to provide for a brisk and low stress walk to take the edge off your day.

A Race Trac is located right in front of the park so you can grab refreshments, food for a picnic, or energy bars for whatever needs your visit may require.  Old Rope Mill Park is a great spot to stop to get some exercise or enjoy a day out with the family. The inclusion of the park in the city makes Woodstock even more special.

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