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Lake Allatoona: Just Keep Swimming

Lake Allatoona is an adventure just waiting for families to dive into. While the lake does not have one set way to get there, if your based in Woodstock then the best address is 955 Victoria Landing Drive in Woodstock, Georgia 30189. Lake Allatoona can also be accessed starting at Old Rope Mill, which is also based in the city. 25,000 acres of land surround the lake which makes the adventure that can be had, feel infinite.

The lake is a boat’s field of dreams as there is plenty of water for hundreds of boats to be on the water at the same time. Those who own their own boat can load and unload it at many different locations. If you do not have your own boat, that is fine too, as marinas are spread-out all-around Lake Allatoona property. There are 8 marinas specifically, but the most convenient one for Woodstockians would be the Victoria Harbour Marina.  

Whether tubing, wakeboarding, or water skiing, your watersport dreams can become a reality at the lake. Rentals for tubes and other water sport gear can be purchased, or you can bring your own. Perhaps water sports are not your thing, and fishing is more your speed, well Lake Allatoona makes that happen too. Plenty of people fish at Lake Allatoona as there are so many areas for good catches. Not only can you just fish but you can do it for your dinner. Almost all of the lake’s fish are safe for consumption. 

Victoria Campground is the place to be for a more prolonged stay at the lake. Nightly stays vary but sit at around $24-34 dollars for an RV all depending on season. There are many different picnic areas for cooking and seating people. Water for drinking is on the grounds as well as toilets for using the restroom.

With 270 miles along the shoreline, there is endless possibilities at Lake Allatoona! Families and friends should gather and spend an afternoon, or an overnight at the lake especially in Woodstock. Woodstock makes it exciting to get on the water because the lake does not just have to be a day, it can be a way of life.

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