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The Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta: Shop Till You Drop

The Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta is for sure in the top ten spots to visit in Woodstock! It is located at 915 Ridgewalk Pkwy, Woodstock, Georgia 30188. The mall is a wonderland for people looking for a place to buy nice clothes on a safe and truly unique property. Not only can you shop for clothing, but you can take part in some amazing food while your there.

From Nike to Michael Kors, the outlet has it all! There are affordable places to shop such as Aeropostale and then some not so affordable places to stop like American Eagle. What makes your shopping goals achievable though, is the deals. Many holiday specials, as well as day to day deals are always an option for shoppers on a budget. When thinking of amazing deals, one store in specific comes to mind, Nike. Nike, most of the time has a special sale, or a clearance aisle in the store. Even if your balling on a budget, there are ways to fulfill that budgeting need.

When walking around the mall, looking for what stores to go into next, it can get hot. In the winter this is not as much of a problem, but in summer you feel Georgia’s blistering heat. Luckily, every store is a good temperature and has a quality AC unit for cooling off when entering a store. If the sun is the issue, then there are plenty of umbrellas and chairs located around the mall for shade.

Let’s talk about food! There is an abundant variety of different food to eat, in and around the mall. Within the mall is a food court with many options and right next to that is an amazing restaurant called Taqueria Tsunami. Right outside the mall there is a bunch of fast food and sit-down restaurants.

The Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta is truly fun and memorable way to spend your day in Woodstock, Georgia! It is great way to get some sun and satisfy for your need for spending! You know what they say, shop till you drop, and make this the place you do it!


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