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Cherokee 16 Cinemas: Life's a movie

Everyone loves movies! Movies are a worldwide treasure. At 1000 Buckhead Crossing, Woodstock, Georgia 30189 you can satisfy your movie needs. Concessions, comfortable seating, and a really big screen are some prime examples of how spectacular Cherokee 16 Cinemas is when you walk through the front doors. It has all the qualities you would want in a movie theater, and then some.

The theater is open from 11:00am-11:30pm, so there is plenty is plenty of showtime availability all day long. Concessions are served starting right at 11:00am when they open so your movie experience can get into full swing, even that early in the day. Speaking of concessions, there are a variety of options to choose from. Candy, popcorn, fountain drinks, slushies, ice cream, and even energy drinks are up for purchase at concessions. Recently the theater got newly renovated, so a lot of tasty food options are offered now as a apart of the Regal brand’s revamping.

Regal Cherokee 16 Cinemas brings comfort to a whole new level. Every theater, no matter the size, has recliners that adjust all the up like a normal seat, or all the way down in a lie down position. The company takes relaxing needs very seriously and guarantees a comfortable setting when people are watching their movie. If you have to use the restroom during the movie, that is made easy. Restrooms are located in a convenient area near all the auditoriums so you can get back to your movie quickly.

IMAX is unfortunately not offered at any showings at the theater, but 3-D is. Not only is 3-D an option, but the screens in many of the auditoriums are huge. The sound quality is pleasing as well, so you will not have any trouble hearing the movie. The visuals and sound make for the most top-notch movie going experience for guests.

Regal Cherokee 16 Cinemas is a great change of pace from Woodstock, Georgia’s touristy areas. Getting a break from all the socialness of the city is something that some people may want to do, and seeing a movie makes for one of the best ways to do it.


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