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Dixie Speedway:I want to go fast

Racers start your engines! Dixie Speedway hosts racing events for diehard and casual fans who want to satisfy their need for speed. Built in 1968, Dixie Speedway makes for a historic destination for people visiting the city. With 150 acres, the property makes for a ton of space for attendance. 

The speedway is at 150 Dixie Dr, Woodstock, Georgia 30189 in Cherokee County.

The track size clocks in at around 3/8 of a mile. A typical race event at Dixie Speedway has around 98 to 105 cars in participation. The track itself has that good ole fashion Georgia clay and is in a D shape. If it’s racing day and if you are getting ready to pay the ticket fee, here are all the options. $15 dollars is the price for most adults for a standard ticket, but there are other add ons. Arriving to Dixie early is one of the best things to do, as they offer tailgating tickets. Tailgating tickets are $25 dollars, so it is not too big of an up charge. The last two options include pit passes and VIP. Pit passes sit at around $35 dollars, and VIP starts at around $40 dollars, all dependent on what options are selected. Birthday packages are also coming soon to Dixie Speedway which will make for a new and exciting option for race fans who are celebrating a birthday.

Staying overnight for a race is convenient as lodging surrounds all of Woodstock, which makes for plenty of safe places to stay. Restaurants are also located all throughout the city, not to mention a couple of concession stands are on the track property for a more quick and easy meal. Woodstock has plenty of amazing food that locals and tourists will be happy to sink their teeth into. Using the city’s different amenities, Dixie Speedway makes it so your day at the track is comfortable and the best of the best.

Dixie Speedway is a historic place for tourists and locals to visit. It is one of the most iconic places in Woodstock, Georgia and sets itself apart from a lot of the other places around it. It is truly a racer’s delight!

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