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Balloon Atlanta: Soar High

Balloon Atlanta is one of the most breathtaking things to do around Woodstock Georgia. Not quite in Woodstock because you’re in the sky! Starting at 491 Air Acres Lane, it only goes up from there. Hot Air Balloon Rides have been up and running since 1988. It is the perfect place to take your kids and a perfect setting for a romantic day for couples as well.

The pilots of the balloons make this an incredibly safe adventure for all. Not only that, but state of the art equipment is used to ensure the most comfortable and safe flight humanly possible.

There are a variety of different options for riders, all based on personal preference. Options include a private balloon ride for two, shared balloon rides, a single person balloon ride, and tethered balloon rides that hold enough for a birthday party! Balloon Atlanta gives you so many options to ensure your business with them.

Pricing, while a bit pricey, is sure to worth every penny. For example, a private ride sits at around $900 dollars, but keep in mind that is because it is private. Two or more people balloon rides is more affordable at $350 dollars per hour. Something to take note of though is the reservation requirements. On Balloon Atlanta’s website they make it easy with a mobile calendar where you can reserve vacant dates on the calendar that work best for your schedule and paying online is also simple.

You can also give the gift of a hot air balloon through gift certificates! Many people enjoy their ride so much that they want to share that same joy with other people. Instant online gift certificates are online for purchase!


Balloon Atlanta is definitely one of the more interesting things you can do when you are in Woodstock. It is not necessarily on the cheaper end of things but is definitely one of the most memorable things you can do while you’re there. Balloon Atlanta takes you and your family on a sky-high adventure, you truly soar to new heights high above the beautiful Woodstock Georgia.

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